Welcome to the Safe Zone Training Academy

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Safe Zone Academy Training Courses
Safe Zone training is designed to support the multiple roles involved with a Safe Zone system.  There are separate training paths for Sales, Installers and System Administrators.  The courses in each path are shown below.  While everyone is encouraged to take any and all the courses in which they are interested, the courses in each path are must-haves for that role.  

Course 1: Introduction to Safe Zone                                                                                            Everyone
This course provides a high-level understanding of how the Safe Zone system works, how the system can save lives, and why the system is needed. 
        Prerequisite: None                                                                         Certificate of Completion

Course 2: System Design                                                                                                Sales Staff, Installers
How to design a Safe Zone system to optimize performance in any facility.   
        Prerequisite: Course 1                                                                 Certified System Designer

Course 3: System Installation                                                                                                      Installers
Everything you need to know to install a Safe Zone system.    
        Prerequisite: Course 2

Course 4: System Validation and Test                                                                                              Installers
How to validate and test the system to ensure performance.    
        Prerequisite: Course 3                                                                 Certified System Installer

Course 5: System Management                                                                                System Administrators
Everything the on-site system manager needs to successfully manage and operate a Safe Zone system.   
        Prerequisite: Course 1